New Trustees for Anawim


Anawim is a remarkable charity. Last year alone it supported over 900 vulnerable women, many of whom experienced domestic abuse and other forms of trauma, with consequent mental health issues, financial challenges, and sometimes imprisonment and probation.

Father Hudson’s Care has been a foundation partner of Anawim for over 20 years and has been delighted to see the progress made in that time, including Anawim becoming a charity in its own right in 2015. It has worked alongside the other foundation partner, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, to support Anawim in many different ways.

One of the best ways to help a new charity is to provide good governance. As part of its ongoing commitment to Anawim, Father Hudson’s Care is seeking to appoint three new female Trustees who would represent Father Hudson’s on the Anawim Board, providing continuity and ongoing support.

If you are looking to use your talents to help others, please contact the Chair of the Anawim Board, Andy Quinn. Andy will be happy to meet you to talk through what would be involved. You can then decide whether to take this further or not. You would be committing to four Board meetings a year (usually 11-2 on Thursdays), and would have the option of joining one of the sub-committees that meet between Board meetings and visiting Anawim to get to know its work better. You can expect to be inspired by what can be achieved when volunteers and staff work with the women who are welcomed at Anawim.

Interest and expertise in social work, community work, mental health, women’s services, law, finance or fundraising would be helpful, but not essential.

For more information on Anawim, visit