Mentor Engagement Volunteer

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Help a young person find their purpose in life

1MM’s aim is to ensure that every young person in the country has access to a trained mentor as they transition into adulthood. We believe that facilitating and investing in mentors will help to address the skills gap agenda and improve social cohesion.

To become a One Million Mentor, you need to be 25 and over. You need to be either a professional/retired professional, be prepared to give one hour, per month for twelve months and complete our level one mandatory online training.Visit our website for more info: 

West Midlands - Mentor Engagement Volunteer 

We are looking for: 

  • A volunteer who can provide support to our current pool of mentors in the West Midlands by working with the team to reach out and check in ensuring that mentoring relationships are taking place and that mentors feel supported whilst doing so, raising any issues with the right people. 
  • Can commit to supporting us for 1 day a week 

If you feel you might be interested in helping us reach our target of One Million Young People, please do get in touch: wesley.erpen[at][dot]uk