Lunar Campfires



At the heart of Don’t Settle is the belief that young people are change-makers. Lunar Campfires is a space for young people of colour to shape how we discuss race and representation in the 21st century. This is especially because white privilege is embedded in heritage, how we discuss history today and affects the stories we tell.

Our first Lunar Campfires was held at Soho House titled I’m Not White, What Do You Call Me? We had various activities that allowed people to explore the impact of language on their personal identities and experiences as a young person of colour. It was then followed by a group ‘campfire’ discussion. People may have felt alone, but they left together. 

As a Lunar Campfire Resident, you will help plan, shape and run these events that fuel conversation around issues of race and representation. 


No experience producing, hosting or liaising needed, this is a space to develop your skills. You must be 16+. Ideally from Birmingham or Black Country.

You must commit to attending regular planning meetings which will be held at Beatfreeks HQ (Zellig Building, B9 4AT). Our HQ is reachable from the city centre by buses number 2 and 3. 

Our planning meetings will generally be held late-afternoon or in the evenings depending on the availability of Lunar Residents. 

You will:

  • Be catered to as the level of commitment is flexible and your role within the group will be worked out together.
  • Have opportunities to take a more active role in the planning process, including choosing topics of discussion, research, and event production. 
  • Be able to work closely with the Don’t Settle’s Research Assistant.


  • If you have questions or any other needs, please contact sharan[at]beatfreeks[dot]com for more information. 
  • Travel expenses can be paid if necessary. 


There will be four Lunar Campfires every year. We will let you know when the next one is, so watch out for details on our website and socials.

How to apply 

Please fill out this form which can be found here.