Free toolkit for organisational sustainability

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About The Lasting Difference toolkit.

With funding in decline and demand on the rise, charities, social enterprises and public services are struggling for survival and long-term sustainability.  In response to these challenges, Wren & Greyhound developed The Lasting Difference toolkit in 2016.  The toolkit can be downloaded and shared freely, something that has contributed to its use by over 5000 organisations all around the world.   The toolkit explores the paradoxes of organisational sustainability - and then is broken into five sustainability capabilities:

  • Involvement
  • Income generation
  • Innovation
  • Improvement
  • Impact measurement

The toolkit has a self-assessment that helps organisations assess, prioritise and take action on organisational sustainability.  But it will also give you inspiration; definitions and templates; practical ‘how to’ ideas; planning tools; timelines for action and exit strategies. This makes it a unique – and uniquely valuable – resource.  We hope you find it useful!  To download a copy completely free of charge please visit

About Wren & Greyhound 

We are a mission-driven management consultancy specialising in sustaining non-profit organisations and their impact.  We aim to make a lasting difference to charities, funders, social enterprises and public bodies, helping them to do the same for the people and issues they serve.