Cycle Chain Ltd Social Enterprise invites volunteer support

Since 2002 Cycle Chain has been providing repairs, refurb sales and hire service in the city Centre.  Our narrowboat workshop Carina is known to many cyclists, and our larger premises in Ledsam St our second outlet.  Both shops are open two days per week, and very busy, and we would like to increase opening by adding to our crew of volunteers who can learn skills and provide a service with supervision from a qualified & experienced bike mechanic trainer.

The Business:  some of our board members have officially retired but wish to hand over some of the work to new directors/ trustees who needn't be mechanics but who appreciate the values of cycling and are able to take on the responsibility of the business; this could involve the following (though not necessarily at the same time!): 


  • Scope for developing partnerships with other cycling-related organisations, charities.
  • Maintaining Cycle Chain's public visibility via Social media
  • Writing bids for development funding via Charities or govt. backed schemes
  • Bookkeeping,  checking income and expenditure and preparing material for the accountant to do annual returns
  • Dealing with rents, mooring charges, insurances for boat and warehouse
  • Maintaining good practice in the business and supporting the volunteers, most of whom are very experienced in bike fixing.
  • Odd jobbing re-supply of donated bikes, bike prepping,  and sometimes driving if you have a licence.

If you are interested in any of these aspects and would like to find out more, please email juliancleavercyclechain[at]gmail[dot]com   and I would happily chat in more detail.