Adult Befrienders (telephone during coronavirus)

0121 788 1143

Solihull Carers are looking for volunteers that can spend up to an hour, chatting to a carer. To support carers to have a break from caring and to support them through this time of isolation.  Listening to carers and to develop a trusting relationship so they can have someone to talk to and to overcome loneliness and offload any worries they may have.

You will be following up our initial calls that our teams have been making to our database of Carers. We will have identified them as being in a vulnerable group that needs support emotionally and for their own personal wellbeing.

Asking if they have any particular needs that have not been actioned since their last call with us and a general wellbeing check using our guidance –(general questions to ask)

Previous befriending/mentoring is desirable, however, the ability to conduct warm friendly conversation vulnerable people is essential

Personal qualities:

  • Confident,
  • Empathetic,
  • Patient,
  • Reliable,
  • Committed,
  • Flexible,
  • Friendly