Administrative Volunteer


Desired volunteer attributes: 

This role would be best suited to somebody who:

  • Has great attention to detail 
  • Is capable of concentrating on the same task for a longer period 
  • Has some familiarity with using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 
  • Likes working alone rather than in a group
  • Is reliable & trustworthy 
  • Is looking to gain some experience of working in an office environment

 The purpose of the role:

The role of an administrative volunteer would be to support with day-to-day administrative tasks at the LGBT centre and might include completing many different administrative tasks that get carried out at the LGBT centre. Some examples of this would be:

  • -Collating data onto a spreadsheet, such as statistics or evaluation data, that helps us look at who uses our services and their experiences
  • -Organising the training materials that allow us to deliver LGBT awareness training externally
  • -Assisting with creating the documents that let people know what’s going on at the LGBT Centre

Role Summary

  • How long will the role last for? 

Admin support is an ongoing role

  • Time commitment:

To support as and when required

  • Would the role require specific training?

Yes, One core training plus specific training for the role 

  • Location:

Where will the volunteer be expected to go fulfil their role? At Birmingham LGBT centre

Application process: Email sianfinn[at]blgbt[dot]org with a paragraph about why you want to volunteer, attend an informal interview, complete an application form, provide two references and complete a DBS check.