Community Engagement Volunteers help us ensure that we enable every community across Birmingham to feedback on their experiences of using Health and Social Care services, taking place across all 10 districts of the city it involves working as part of a small team attending public venues: Community Centres, cafes, events such as festivals, fetes and open days etc., service user support groups, steering groups, meetings etc. (accessed via our Third Sector partner organisations).

What is Healthwatch Birmingham?

Healthwatch Birmingham is the independent champion created to gather and represent the public and patient's experiences of using local health and social care services. This includes services like GPs, pharmacists, hospitals, dentists, care homes and community-based care. Healthwatch Birmingham ensures the public voice is heard by those who commission, design and deliver health and social care services to make them better.

Tasks include:

Collecting people's experiences of health and social care services.
This includes collecting feedback from the general public, and more targeted work with specific population groups such as refugees & asylum seekers, people affected by mental health issues, people with English as a second language, young people etc.

Supporting people to complete health and social care feedback questionnaires and record patient feedback at focus group meetings and events.

Supporting investigations guided by our research team.

Promoting Healthwatch Birmingham within the community and raising awareness of our services.

This role would suit people who…

  • Are passionate about working with the public in community settings and have a desire to improve health and social care services.
  • Are enthusiastic about the work of Healthwatch Birmingham.
  • Are interested in developing a career in health and social care and/or co
  • Community work.
  • Are able to communicate and work with a wide range of individuals.
  • Can proactively approach individuals, building rapport and conversation.
  • Are interested in ensuring that everyone's stories are listened to and shared.
  • Are keen to learn more about their local community and broaden their knowledge of health and social care systems.
  • Understand diversity and are flexible in their approach to meeting the needs of a wide range of individuals.
  • Want to promote equality and improve the health and wellbeing of their local community.

How much time do you need to give?

All we require is a minimum of one day's commitment per month. We will however be more than happy to accommodate you if you would like to volunteer more regularly. Community engagement activities are planned ahead of time and you are able select days and events to suit your schedule. We are extremely flexible and are grateful for your contribution.

How do you apply?

You can request an application pack or more information by contacting us:
e: [email protected]