Birmingham Crisis Centre, Closing date: On Request

To manage a small team of Childcare Support workers in an onsite ofsted rated bespoke nursery for the children in refuge with their mothers escaping Domestic Abuse.

Main duties: To oversee and Manage Childcare Practitioners undertake toe following duties.

1. To ensure that women and children admitted to the centre are made to feel welcome and safe.

2. To provide a safe, caring, supportive and stimulating environment for children to play and to learn.

3. To provide nutritious snacks and lunches.

4. To plan, provide and facilitate structured activities for children during daily sessions within the nursery and After School provision (Buzz Club).

5. To keep records on individual children, including observations, assessments and future planning.

6. To supports children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts.

7. To plan, facilitate and support children with offsite activities and trips.

8. To report and record any injuries, illnesses or concerns to the Nursery Manager.

9. To organise and store toys and materials to ensure order in activity areas. To ensure that all nursery equipment is cleaned and maintained to a high standard and any faults are reported to the Nursery Manager.

10. To discuss developmental progress of children with mothers, colleagues and other professionals.

11. To promote equal opportunities at all times. To be aware of individual children’s needs demonstrating understanding of race, ethnicity, religion and belief, disability and family structures.

12. Plan and facilitate a range of cultural celebrations according to the client group.

13. To be aware of SEN Codes of Practice and ensure all activities and the Nursery and Buzz Club environment complies with the Code.

14. To effectively manage children’s challenging behaviour in an assertive and positive manner, promoting their development and self-esteem.

15. To liaise with mothers, staff and other professionals ensuring excellent continuity of care and development is maintained.

16. To work within the confines of confidentiality and ensure that professional boundaries as outlined in the centre handbook and policies and procedures are always maintained when working with women, children, staff and external bodies and to work within the centre’s Code of Conduct. To ensure that security of sensitive information is maintained.

17. To provide support, information and advocacy to mothers and children.

18. To accurately record information on files and where appropriate share relevant information with staff and other professionals in accordance with legislation.

19. To ensure that any issues in relation to Child Protection matters are brought to the immediate attention of management in accordance with safeguarding policies and procedures.

20. To attend Child Protection Case Conferences and Core Groups as appropriate.

21. Implementation of and compliance with Birmingham Crisis Centre and Nursery policies and procedures.

22. To attend staff meetings, open days and training sessions as required

23. Ensure you maintain knowledge of existing and forthcoming childcare legislation and good practice guidelines.

24. Assist in preparation for Ofsted Inspections.

25. To carry out any other duties that may be required and are appropriate to the post.

The above is provided for guidance and is not an exhaustive list of all duties that the post holder may have.