Cherished, Closing date: 1 August

Supporting children to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure.

About Cherished:

At Cherished, we work to empower young people in the Midlands by providing a safe space to explore identity, ambitions, relationships and emotions.

Our aim is for girls & boys to grow in confidence, self-esteem and character, providing a foundation to make positive lifestyle choices and fulfil their true potential.

Cherished strives to:

• Guide girls & boys to realise their own unique value
• Provide assistance to help girls & boys to fulfil their potential
• Accept each young person just as they are
• Care about all young people and their futures
• Lead by example: living a life of love

The Mentoring Role:

As a trauma responsive and attachment focused organisation, we are looking for people who are passionate about all things connection, empathy and kindness. Men and women who can build authentic relationships recognising the power of mentoring, transformation and the impact it can have on young people for the rest of their lives!

Cherished is a 1:1 mentoring service for girls in school to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure and is led by our female leaders.

Roar is our 1:1 mentoring service for boys in school led by male leaders and provides a safe space for them to build positive relationships.

As a Cherished or Roar Mentor, you will be required to mentor a young person for one hour a per week in a Birmingham school. You will also be required to complete session records, plan your mentoring sessions to meet the needs of your mentee and attend supervision sessions.

You will also work towards a level 3 qualification in mentoring and complete training.

Requirements for all those applying:

• All applicants must believe in the visions and values of Cherished
• Applicants must have knowledge about the organisation and the services we offer.
• Experience of working with children.
• Excellent people skills
• Excellent organisational skills
• Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
• Positive, compassionate and understanding.
• Preferred experience of trauma training

Hours and Pay:

Mentoring sessions run for a minimum of 12 weeks. Individual mentoring sessions are for 1 hour per week. The successful applicant will be expected to mentor up to 3 mentees at any one time. The cost per session delivered is £20 - this includes session planning, writing session records, monitoring and travel.

If you would like to apply or enquire about this position please email: [email protected] 

Closing date: 1 August 2022