Northfield Community Partnership are looking for a Chair to the Board of trustees. We are a community anchor organisation based across 3 sites in the Northfield Constituency.

Purpose of the role
- Provide leadership for the Board of Trustees in their role of setting the strategy and policy of Northfield
Community Partnership
- Work in partnership with the CEO to ensure the strategy is implemented
- Ensure there is an effective relationship between the Board and NCP staff, volunteers, and stakeholders
- Represent NCP at functions and in meetings, acting as a spokesperson as appropriate
- Advocate on behalf of Northfield Community Partnership
- Contribute to fundraising
- Identify funding opportunities for Northfield Community partnership with the Chief Executive Officer

Provide leadership for the Board of Trustees in their role of setting the strategy and policy of the organisation

- Chair Board meetings so that it functions effectively and carries out its duties
- Ensure the Board sets an overall strategy for Northfield Community Partnership with clear policy objectives.
- Ensure the business of meetings is dealt with, and decisions, when required, are arrived at, and recorded, and
their implementation monitored.
- Ensure Northfield Community Partnership’s financial dealings are prudently and systematically accounted for,
audited, or independently examined, and publicly available.
- Ensure Northfield Community Partnership has a satisfactory system for holding in trust for its beneficiaries
any funds or property, and for investing to the greatest benefit of Northfield Community Partnership, within
the constraints of the law and ethical investment practices.
- Ensure that satisfactory arrangements are made to identify and nominate the next Chair.
- Work in consultation with the CEO to recruit Board members with relevant expertise and experience.
- Ensure the Board regularly reviews its structure, role, and relationship to staff and implements change, as
- Ensure, with the CEO, that Board members receive appropriate advice, training, and information relating to
their role.
- Serve as an additional promoter of the organisation to relevant stakeholders.

This is an unpaid, voluntary position.

For more information please contact [email protected]