We are looking for people to join our team of trustees to bring new skills and a fresh approach. We’re also planning to recruit a new chair of the board of trustees.

Moseley Road Baths CIO has now been operating for two years. Before Covid19 we were starting to emerge from initial challenges with a strong business model to thrive; and even in the light of Covid19 the community and funding support around MRB means we have a great basis from which to pull through these difficult years and emerge as a successful community pool and heritage venue.

The current chair has been in that role with great enthusiasm since the earliest discussions of a community takeover, but now feels the venture would benefit from fresh leadership. This will be someone who shares our passion for and active commitment to MRB with the time to plan and lead our monthly meetings, liaise with managers and guide subgroup activity in between meetings.


We’re looking for people who share our passion for and active commitment to MRB with the time to participate in our monthly meetings, as well as subgroup activity.

Over the last year we have had eight active, skilled and enthusiastic trustees with a positive working culture. They have a good knowledge of MRB itself and expertise in heritage, project management, finance, fundraising, the local area and community engagement.

we are particularly seeking people who can bring one or more of the following skills:

Expertise in Company Secretary duties and governance
Legal and contractual expertise
Property management, conservation or renovation expertise
Knowledge of Balsall Heath and the surrounding area across its diverse communities.

For more information: https://moseleyroadbaths.org.uk/trustee-chair-recruitment