What would a BCS Communications volunteer be doing?
• Assisting the BCS team in promoting and increasing Branch Community Support awareness to internal and external audiences.
• Researching stories and content for use on Legion and membership intranet pages and Yammer.
• Supporting the development of a BCS communication plan to increase participation, engagement, and awareness of BCS and its impact.
• Helping with the analysis of the use and effectiveness of the inter

What skills and experience would I need, or could I develop?
This role requires good proficiency and working knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office 365 (O365)
• Delivery of clear and concise communication through using a variety of methods including
Yammer, intranet sites and other O365 tools.
• Able to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing for different audiences.
• Interested in and enthusiastic about sharing information and engaging good news stories.
• Skilled at organising and delivering to deadlines.
• A commitment to acting in line with Legion policies and procedures, including those
relating to data protection; confidentiality; safeguarding; health and safety and equality and

For an application form or further discussion about the role please contact Matt Ford [email protected]