It is important that information and advice about bowel cancer signs and symptoms and how we can help as a charity is as visible and accessible as possible. This flexible opportunity enables you as a volunteer to represent Bowel Cancer UK both nationally and at a local level, by distributing Bowel Cancer UK publications within your local area and/or delivering presentations (standardised template created by Bowel Cancer UK) either virtually over zoom or to your local community. 

The volunteer for this role must have (or have previously had) bowel cancer. We encourage volunteers to add their own experience of bowel cancer when delivering these talks: we believe that people with experience of bowel cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend, are uniquely equipped to raise awareness and deliver these talks. 

Main duties and responsibilities
• To deliver key messages on bowel cancer and the work of Bowel Cancer UK to a range of audiences (organisations, groups, clubs, workplaces)
• To work pro-actively to promote awareness within your local area using our branded publications
• To add your personal experience of bowel cancer to the standard presentation (where appropriate)
• To act as an ambassador for Bowel Cancer UK at a local level, displaying energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our aims
• To aim to deliver the equivalent of one talk per month, i.e., 12 per year. This is an aspirational and flexible target
• Ensuring information in the local community is relevant and up-to-date
• Establish connections with local organisations and community groups

What you could get out of this volunteer role
• Increased confidence
• The opportunity to make a direct difference to people affected by bowel cancer
• The opportunity to share your own experiences
• Opportunity to interact with other volunteers at Bowel Cancer UK
• Experience of public speaking and promoting public health initiatives
• An opportunity to increase early diagnosis of bowel cancer by sharing your experience and raising vital awareness of bowel cancer signs, symptoms and screening.
• Quality training and ongoing support from the Bowel Cancer UK team

Knowledge, skills and abilities
• Excellent interpersonal, listening and communication skills.
• An understanding of the importance of confidentiality and data protection
• Confident public speaker
• Able to communicate with people from various backgrounds and with different levels of understanding
• Good basic IT experience or experience of using Zoom
• Reliable and trustworthy

Training and support provided
• Training to deliver our awareness materials
• Training to use Zoom and/or Teams can be provided if needed (virtual delivery of our awareness talks is optional, some of our volunteers only deliver talks in person)
• Regular virtual volunteer social opportunities (optional)
• Regular support and supervision from Bowel Cancer UK staff