Closing: 11 Sep 2022

This summer, we’re seeking feedback on the Birmingham Food System strategy. This strategy is about working together to help people across Birmingham grow, sell, buy and eat more healthy and environmentally friendly food. The aim is that this food will be tasty and people will have enough money to buy it. We will waste less food and recycle more. Everyone in our city will be able to live a happy, healthy life.

Through the strategy, we aim to:

  1. Grow the Birmingham food movement
  2. Build a food system that is good for us and the environment and a thriving local economy
  3. Build stronger communities able to deal with challenges and that support those who most need it, and mitigate food insecurity
  4. Empower citizens to consume a sustainable, ethical, healthy and nutritious diet

This is a truly city-wide strategy, owned by every citizen in Birmingham, so make sure your voice is heard! ! Have a look at the strategy and fill in the BeHeard form to join the Birmingham Food Revolution!