People can respond to the consultation by attending the public meetings and by reading the consultation document which summarises the proposals and then by completing the questionnaire.

The consultation will commence on Tuesday 7th May 2024 and close on Tuesday 9th July 2024. 

We will be speaking with citizens who attend our day centres who may be directly affected by our proposals, and we will also seek views from their carers and advocates. We will be holding dedicated meetings with citizens and their carers as a part of the consultation in the Centres they attend.

The documentation and questionnaire can be accessed via the Council Website or copies can be emailed or posted on request, by contacting the consultation email address [email protected] or by calling the ‘Your day, Your say’ 
telephone number: 0121 675 8454.

If you are a partner organisation supporting citizens and/or their carers that attend any of the nine day centres and require the schedule of targeted consultation meetings at the nine Day Centres please contact the consultation email address [email protected] or call the ‘Your day, Your say’ consultation telephone number: 0121 675 8454.

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