Join our co-operative solar volunteering team and help tackle climate change in Birmingham! Make a difference this summer by joining our community outreach program to help tackle the energy crisis. It's also a fun way to meet new friends and make a positive change in your local area

Closing date : Monday 5th September 2022 17:00 p.m.

The Big Solar Co-op is powered by volunteers and you can also become a part of the team!

If you want to get some new co-operatively owned solar built locally, you can just join us and start hunting for solar sites. Several of our activists work outside of any group. Still, it can be a bit easier if you hunt together – you can benefit from other people’s local knowledge and connections and enjoy working together in person. You can spend however much time you want to dedicate to the projects and no cold calling is involved!

Our aim is that by joining Big Solar Co-op you get everything you need to get going.

A lot of the good sites are part of regional or nationwide chains and if you have ideas of how to contact them or good contacts we can help you approach them.

We also need help to spread the word , and to help co-ordinate our activities.

Please apply by contacting : [email protected]