All GP’s across Birmingham and Solihull offer annual health checks for people with learning disabilities aged 14 and over. These health checks are free and aim to identify any health problems that a person may have and to offer support about their health, for instance giving advice and health promotion information relating to existing conditions. The health checks are proactive meaning that the GP does not wait for someone to become ill to offer this check, the check is to prevent illness and to recognise any health needs early so that people can get the right support and treatment before deterioration. The learning disability annual health checks are an important part of reducing health inequalities and ensuring access to health services and GP practices are committed to offering these checks.

Annual health checks for people with learning disabilities have been available for a number of years, but we know that there are still lots of people who do not know about these and their right to have one. We also know that not all carers and family members know about the health checks and how to get an appointment for their loved one. At this current time, it is even more important that people can access a health check to prevent illness and promote health.

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, however annual health checks for people with learning disabilities remain a priority for GP practices, who are still inviting people to health checks. The health checks may take place in a different format, perhaps over a computer/ video or in person, but they remain important as a way of making sure that health needs are met.

Attached is some information about the annual health check for people with learning disabilities as a reminder of the importance of the check and to also let people know what happens during these checks.

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Annual Health Check Information
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