We are currently recruiting Wellbeing Buddies to help us deliver a Dementia Prevention Programme in Birmingham which includes a Wellbeing Improvement Initiative.

Wellbeing Buddy (1 to 1 wellbeing support)

A Wellbeing Buddy is someone who wants to help people achieve their goals in improving their health. This current initiative is about helping people to make changes to their lifestyle and behaviours to reduce the risk of dementia or slow its progression if they already have a diagnosis. A Wellbeing Buddy works alongside someone who feels they want to make some changes to ensure that they address any issues which may increase their risk of dementia. A Wellbeing Buddy will support them in following an action plan which they have devised and agreed with a Dementia Support Worker.

As a Wellbeing Buddy you will have a desire to help people to improve their health and wellbeing to reduce their risk of dementia and associated long term conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes which increase the risk of dementia. You will provide support and guidance, a listening ear, a friendly face as well as a friendly voice to chat to. You will engage with individuals to provide the information, support and motivation that will enable them to get as well as they possibly can to reduce their risk of dementia.

Wellbeing Buddies receive full training, are DBS screened volunteers who have the qualities and skills that are necessary when engaging positively with people who are facing challenges around their health and wellbeing. You will receive ongoing training and supervision to enable you to carry out the role effectively. Through training Wellbeing Buddies have a good understanding of the principles of how to achieve a healthy body and healthy mind and know how to engage positively with people to encourage them to make positive changes.

Once you have joined us as a Wellbeing Buddy there will be other opportunities in addition to this role which is supporting people with their wellbeing. We will offer you the opportunity to undertake other volunteering roles with us without having to go through the recruitment process all over again!

This volunteering role will give you transferable skills, knowledge and experience which will give you more opportunities when looking for work. There are volunteering opportunities across Birmingham.

The skills and characteristics we are looking for are:-

Willingness and ability to learn new skills
Knowledge of health and wellbeing promotion or prevention of ill-health or willing to learn
Able to work independently and as part of team
Very good communication skills
Genuine interest in providing support to people who want to make positive lifestyle changes
Thorough understanding of confidentiality
Ability to speak a language other than English would be an advantage

We would love to hear from YOU!

To apply for this role click here AmbaCare Solutions Application Form Wellbeing Buddy (Dementia)

For further information contact Ruth Chauhan Director of Health & Wellbeing & Dementia Services AmbaCare Solutions on 07974 727223