Remove some barriers for people with any disabilities (Standing or from a wheelchair) to access safe, high level, technical boxing training sessions and potential competition (Wheelchair Users) [email protected] 

We created WBC Cares UK Adaptive Boxing programme with the aim to remove any barriers that people with a disability may face when accessing boxing training and potential competition

We currently run Adaptive Boxing classes for a range of different groups in Brighton and Hove. We are based in Brighton and Hove Boxing Gym, Kings Esplanade, Hove, BN3 2WW

Everything we do is suitable for both Adults and Juniors (either male or Female)

We have a Pathway for Wheelchair users from inclusive training sessions, leading upto Elite Wheelchair-Based Training sessions for people who would like to join our Para Team and potentially compete.

We can offer Small group Adaptive Boxing sessions within schools or to organisations, these are adapted to each and any individual within the group and will be delivered by specific SEND qualified coaches.

We always like to attend community events to promote our sport and raise awareness that anybody can enjoy boxing at various levels too.

We also offer 1:1 sessions for both wheelchair users and people that want to train from standing up

Anybody with a disability or additional needs (Standing or Wheelchair Users) that wants to give boxing a go, now is their chance, boxing is for anybody and everybody.

Everything we do at Adaptive Boxing is in a fun and very safe environment. We ensure that everybody is fully participating as much as they feel comfortable – we aim to give anybody a great Adaptive Boxing Experience!

for more information or to book a session please email [email protected]