About Update Brum

Update was launched by BVSC in 1992 as a monthly magazine to provide policy and development news to voluntary agencies in Birmingham. Over the years Update has evolved and developed, enjoying several makeovers that reflected not only the changing face of BVSC but changes in design and communications more generally. In 2017 BVSC took the boldest step to date by switching to a new digital format.

Update Brum aims to give a direct voice to the Birmingham's diverse and vibrant voluntary and community sector. Whether you're a small community group, faith group, youth group, social enterprise, or national charity, we want to share your stories.

Update Brum a great way to promote and celebrate your charity, cause and/or community group and also a way of getting important information out to the sector. 

Don't worry if you've never written an article before as we've put together some guidance that should help you to get started: Write for Update Brum

To get in touch with the editors of this blog, please use our contact form or email comms[at]bvsc[dot]org