At Forward Carers CIC we were thrilled recently to receive the news that we’ve been named as one of 100 of the most impressive social enterprises in the UK for the second year running, according to the Natwest SE100 index. The NatWest SE100 celebrates the success of socially-driven ventures across the UK.

Forward Carers is a social enterprise committed to supporting unpaid Carers. We work in partnership with organisations, community groups, healthcare providers and employers to create Carer Friendly Communities, places where Carers are empowered to thrive in all areas of life and work.

Across Birmingham alone, 1 in 4 houses is home to an unpaid carer who provides care for frail, sick or disabled friends or family who couldn’t manage without them. And 1 in 7 UK workers balances paid work with an unpaid caring role – so there’s plenty for us to do!

Our application to the SE100 is a way of demonstrating both the impact and value of our work – we help improve Carer wellbeing which in turn helps to ensure the stability of the nation’s social care system by preventing care breakdown. Our work also helps businesses too, by empowering employers to help Carers successfully balance work and care we enable them to retain their best staff and avoid high recruitment costs and knowledge loss.

Through our reporting, we show that for every £1 invested in Forward Carers, we save the social care system £11.64! Being recognised in the SE100 is a fantastic way of shouting aloud about the value of unpaid Carers and the health, social care and business benefits of supporting unpaid Carers.

It's an honour to be included amongst such outstanding company and a testament to the hard work of our team and wider partnerships, including our fantastic partnerships, including Birmingham Carers Hub delivery partners.

For further information on the work of Forward Carers please visit: