There’s so much knowledge and skill in the community development sector in Birmingham, people who work day-to-day with citizens finding out what matters to them and helping them live a good life. 

But do you know who to call when you have a challenge?  And do others know about the great stuff you’re doing, or are they out there re-inventing the wheel when we could be sharing resources and benefitting our communities?

These events will be an opportunity to share the good work that’s happening in the City, be aware of our skills and talents, add to your tool kit, and work together for the benefit of our communities.

Please come along if you are community development practitioner in any sector in Birmingham – voluntary, community, faith, sport and wellbeing, the arts - who wants to:

  • Eat cake with colleagues and friends you haven’t met yet
  • Share practice and build your skills
  • Hear about the good stuff that’s going on
  • Know people well enough to ask for help and give help
  • Know who to call when you have a particular challenge
  • Talk about what matters to you, and what you might do with the help of a few people in the room
  • Take these skills away to use with your communities

Book a date - North, South or Central Birmingham

This event will be run three times, at venues North, Central and South Birmingham, so you can choose the time and venue most convenient to you, 20 places maximum at each.

Book for South Event Tuesday 15th March, 12:00 for coffee for 12:30 start, tea served at 15:00

Book for North Event
 Wednesday 16th March, 9:30 for coffee for 10:00 start, lunch served at 12:30

Book for Central Event Thursday 17th March, 9:30 for coffee for 10 start, lunch served at 12:30

Please invite a friend or colleague, and share this into your networks.

If you’d like to arrive early for coffee, please do. 

We’ll be starting work promptly at 12:30 for the afternoon session, and 10:00 for the morning sessions.

We ask that you commit to all of the core session so we get the best from each other.

About the facilitator

Steph Vidal-Hall is an experienced facilitator, specialising in enabling people to do what matters to them, and in sharing those enabling skills with others. She’s trained in Asset Based Community Development and in the Thinking Environment – a structure for everyone in the room to do their own best thinking.