The day is going to be about how we can show that we are disabled but able to do our own thing whether that is in education or careers and how we have identified something that is not available to us and have decided to make it or deliver it for people like us to ensure equitable provision of services.

The festival will include the following:-

  1. Key Speakers - from the West Midlands

  2. Local Groups - Performances

  3. Workshops

  4. Catering

  5. Spaces where people can go to get away from the crowds when it becomes too much.

We want to show the disabled community that we can do anything when we put our minds to it.

That there are others who look like them / have shared experience and that there is a way for them to be able to succeed or that they can do it also for themselves

We also want to enable young people that there are opportunities here in the West Midlands for them within the different industries in the city and as self employed small business owners.

We also want to be able to bring carers (paid and unpaid) together so that they can share their stories, learn from each other and have a chance to look at all the different information and resources that several small organisations (Independents, social enterprises, charities and volunteer led groups) have available to them and how they can reach out for advice and support through these organisations.

Ways for Wellbeing are leading on the project, we are hoping to secure funding for at least key speakers, performances and catering and are also hoping that we can somehow involve young disabled individuals who want to get into marketing / PR with the work.

We are waiting on funding decisions for key elements.

We have secured Birmingham City University through match in-kind funding as the venue for the day - the University are offering the space for free for the day.

We currently have the following involved in planning and organising and we meet fortnightly:-