BVSC and Acivico are holding a free workshop on 13 May 10.00-12.00 to provide support to organisations through a challenging period of reopening. We are pleased that Birmingham City Council has now provided some additional funding to ensure more organisations across Birmingham can be supported. Voluntary sector organisations can also book in for one to one support around risk assessments for the building.

The expertise of Acivico staff has been valued by those who attended events. Feedback from previous sessions has included:

  • It was all made very easy. The language used was simple and jargon free.
  • Very good base line to see what is required in re-opening/re-engaging citizens in activities within the community.
  • Just a thank you, as I personally searched the internet for resources, daily for weeks, and mainly due to this and networking with similar groups, as to how to handle this otherwise, us who run buildings on a 100% voluntary basis would be in the dark on what to do!

The support from Avicio is specifically about managing a building and keeping people safe in it, If you want information about what activities you are allowed to run there is an FAQ for Step 2 on the Government’s Roadmap on the BVSC website with links to Government and sector specific guidance: 

Booking for this event has now closed.