Kaleidoscope Plus Group (KPG) applied for some funding through the Crime Commissioner (CIF) , to host some training sessions for our most vulnerable areas/client supporters.

The training dates have been set for the CIF funding and you can find details below.

Priority is being given to members within our area that support community members. Ie Faith groups, youth groups, education centres, small charities, voluntary groups etc.

To be Covid safe, all sessions will be held online and the sessions encourage attendees :

• Consider our attitudes around suicide and the impact of suicide.
• Explore the language and the challenges when talking about suicide.
• Identifying the signs someone might display.
• Understand how to listen to a person at risk and support safety.
• To help those people in their own resilience and signposting to support.

Bookings for the sessions can be secured through the following links and each person attending needs to book their own space to comply with the our T&C.

Birmingham Region- Session 1

Birmingham Region- Session 2

Solihull Region

The spaces are limited per session and offered on a first come, first served basis.