Older and other vulnerable people are constantly targeted by criminals who see them as ‘easy’ targets for fraud and scams.

The latest heinous scams are based around COVID-19 and involve criminals preying on extremely anxious people in an attempt to trick them into handing over personal information and cash.

For a lot of the people who get caught by these scams, the results are devastating in every sense!

Scams can ruin lives!
To combat this Age Concern Birmingham are running a series of short Fraud Awareness Workshops for professionals and volunteers, so, if your work brings you into contact with older or vulnerable people, or you manage or support colleagues who do, this free, one hour, online session will be invaluable in helping you, to help protect vulnerable people.

Workshop dates/times are –
Monday 22 February - 14:30
Tuesday 23 February - 10:00
Wednesday 24 February - 14:30
Thursday 25 February - 10:00
Monday 1 March - 14:30
Tuesday 2 March - 10:00

Please join one of the workshops to help us protect older & vulnerable people from the scammers!

Alternative times or sessions dedicated to your organisation can also be arranged if required.

To join or for further information/discussion please contact –
Robert Smith – [email protected]
07368 173532