A full day's training and an individual mentoring session aimed at all charity managers. The morning focuses on self-management with the afternoon concentrating on leading your team. The individual mentoring session ensures each attendee is supported to take the learning into their specific work context. Tuesday 7th February 2023 10am to 4pm fee £245.00 Rob Legge developed the course specifically for charity managers. He is an experienced senior charity manager

This highly participative, targeted and person-centred programme is suitable for:
Charity managers/supervisors who have never attended a formal management course
First time charity managers who need to learn the basics quickly
Experienced managers who would like a refresher and an opportunity to update their skills

The programme comprises of two interlinked half day group sessions plus an individual mentoring session.

The morning group session will focus on self-management. This includes identifying key skills for managers, improving your personal productivity and successful communication skills.

The afternoon group session will focus on leading your team. This includes improving performance, learning to delegate well and ways to empower your team.

An individual mentoring session will be arranged at a time convenient to each learner and will focus on one or two issues that are most relevant to the individual and their current challenges or opportunities.

Fee:£245.00 (including individual mentoring session)

To apply please email [email protected] 

Comments from previous participants

"Extremely useful. The course enabled me to reflect on my own role as a manager and evaluate the good, bad and the ugly of my style."

"Invaluable. A long overdue opportunity to reflect on how to get the most out of my work."

"Rob created a warm atmosphere where it was comfortable to share our ideas and experiences. He also gave us loads of concrete processes we could use in our own organisations that will definitely help us be better managers."

For further information about Rob Legge consulting go to www.robleggeconsulting.co.uk