Feel you Could do with some help with you financial wellbeing, the come on this ongoing 1 hr workshop. Learn how to Budget, Save money safely, get help with Identifying both online and Offline Frauds and scams, help to keep your Money safe.

The session will consist of a 1-hour workshop where we talk about.

Why we budget, How we can budget (both paper and IT-based budget talked about).

We can show you the signs of a spiralling Debt and what can be done to stop that DEBT or make it more manageable for you.

Saving Money
We talk about where you can save money Safely (ISAs and credit unions)

We talk about fraud both online and offline including Loan Sharks after that we have a 30 min Q&A session ask any Question you like about subjects including

Will, Power of attorney and pensions. Online shopping, or how to save money when shopping. Or any other financial questions you have.

if you are interested in joining a moneywise 1:1 session or a group session then please call Robert Chattin on 07909331241 or email on [email protected]