Free one hour online event 25th May at midday

Join The Active Wellbeing Society, FoodCycle and other speakers for inspiring examples and a guide to both planning and starting up a regular hot meal in your community. Hosted by Food for Life.

Are you passionate about cooking and about your community? Have you ever wanted to start up a community kitchen, meal or café session? Providing cooked food in your community just once a week can make a huge difference to people’s lives. This online session is designed to help you take your first steps to realise this and comes with a written guide.

Here is the sign-up link: 

Across the online workshop and the written guide, we will cover:

  • planning and identifying the need
  • different models (such as community café or once-weekly lunch club; free or pay as you feel; etc)
  • practical steps and considerations

Examples/interviews of people who have done it already

The session will be led by The Active Wellbeing Society who run three ‘Big Feed’ community cafes across Birmingham, where inequalities are at their highest. The Big Feed Cafes are part of the Food Justice Network, a network of over 200 individuals and organisations working to highlight and tackle food inequality in Birmingham. As part of this effort, a map was created to show where there was free and affordable food provision across the city, and we realised there is a huge need for more cooked food provision.

Providing food for your community brings people together, reduces social isolation and helps support people in need of good cooked food. Jointly with our friends from the network, we hope we will showcase how this can be done and in doing so, encourage you to start your own community cooked food provision, and equip you with the tools and support needed to do so.