Anti-racist Futures – About the conference

We believe that some time in the future, racism – as we experience it now, in all its guises – will not exist.

We don’t think this is a whimsical notion. On the scale of human history racism is a relatively new invention. This is not to say that humans didn’t find other ways to discriminate against each other before. But the creation of false biological categories and their use to demonise one group of people, whilst elevating the status of another, was not one of them.

We have noticed, however, that we appear to have accepted the outcomes of racism and, in doing so, accepted the thinking on which these are based.

This conference is designed for us all to contribute to the idea of an anti-racist future – a future for Birmingham which can exist outside of the beliefs and attitudes that maintain our status quo. brap has been working with a range of people who are dreaming of and demanding a different type of future for us all.

Attend this conference if you feel frustrated by our current progress and want to contribute to anti-racist thinking that can lead to anti-racist practice.

This conference is taking place online on
Thursday, 20 May 2021
09:30–12:00 BST

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** This event is funded by Community Fund **