Volunteering in the NHS is an opportunity for young people to gain excellent experience and career prospects with the

UK's largest employer.

Volunteering Futures is a new digital healthcare project from Birmingham Community Healthcare Charity which aims to provide a stepping stone into an NHS career.

The project is aimed at young people aged 16-18 who are looking to gain the experience and confidence to work, whilst learning new skills, making new networks and directly improving the healthcare of older adults in their community.

The way the volunteers will do this is by becoming digital experts on the 'BCHC Health and Wellbeing App Library'. This is a crucial healthcare resource which has been developed to verify safe healthcare apps that are recommended by the NHS for people to use to improve their health.

Our volunteers will be supported to use their digital skills and expert knowledge of the Health and Wellbeing App Library to explain and promote this resource to older adults (50+) in their communities.

Benefits of Taking Part:

- Learn about the BCHC Health and Wellbeing App Library and become a digital expert
- Gain experience in healthcare
- Gain confidence
- Make new friends and networks with other volunteers
- Receive the Volunteering Futures Welcome Pack (including t-shirt, notebook, pin badge etc)
- Access to career opportunities in the NHS
- Directly improve the health outcomes of your community

To apply please email:

[email protected]

For more information visit: www.bhamcommunity.nhs.uk/about-us/our-charity/